The anti-phishing extension for payment gateways has been developed by Semnan University CSIRT Center, to recognize forged gateways and warn the web user. Privacy of users is a very important and serious concern. In this software, policies have been adopted so that users privacy will not be endangered. We are committed to preserve and respect your privacy. In general, the anti-phishing extension for payment gateways automatically detects whether a web page is a genuine or forged gateway by examining the https protocol, the URL, and the contents of the page. If a gateway is recognized as forged, only the URL is sent to our server for more investigation. No more information will be received from the user.

The required permissions for the plugin are as follows

# Permissions Description
1 Host Permission This permission is used to get the web page URL on all websites and if the gateway is forged, we will redirect it to the server
2 Notification These permissions are used to notify the user of whether the gateway is legal or forged, as well as announce extension updates.